Top Colorado Rivers For Rafting

River Rafting Colorado


Ok brah there dozens of rivers to raft in Colorado but here is a list of top rivers to ride.

  1. Roaring Fork- It runs through the beautiful Aspen Valley and ranges between class II-IV rapids. The river is gorgeous because it’s lined with big boulders, cottonwoods, pines and aspen trees. The rocking time only lasts about four weeks so make sure you time it right when spring runoff is kicking.
  2. The Dolores- An off the beaten path tributary to the Colorado River located in the San Juan mountain range with class I-IV rapids. This river is special because of really short season, petroglyphs, slick rock and numerous canyon hikes throughout.
  3. The Colorado- The name says it all, this is an iconic river with class II-IV rapids. The upper is a nice float with amazing views of eagles and wildlife. The lower has more exciting rapids particularly in Glenwood Canyon. There are also hot springs in some of the pocket water so keep an eye out for that! Continue reading “Top Colorado Rivers For Rafting”

Summer Time And the Living is Easy.

Ok so some of you may be sad about the ski and snowboard season being over but as the saying goes you move here for the skiing and you end up staying because of the summers. Well if you work in the service industry like many locals do summertime and the mud season previous to summer officially starting is awesome.

First with the Mud Season-

You ‘ve worked and skied your but off for months straight and now it mud season. What the heck are you going to do? Uh how about go on a nice long vacation somewhere exotic like Bali or South East Asia? Maybe South America to chase more skiing if you just couldn’t get enough. The options are plentiful when you have at least a month to kill before the summer tourists start rolling through. Hopefully you saved some money from all those double shifts and drinking only PBR’s. If you didn’t save much money Europe is definitely out, but your money goes a long way in SEA, Mexico, or some countries in Central and South America. Costa Rica is a favorite among surfers. You really have to go some where…. any where…. just to get out of the small town mountain feel and gain some worldly perspective outside of the narrow focus of a ski town. Continue reading “Summer Time And the Living is Easy.”

The Coolest Things To Do At The Beav

Yes indeed there has got to be something for everyone to do at Beaver Creek and this is short list of just that…Things to do at the Beav. We are going to have to break this down to winter vs. summer…. So we’ll start here with winter.

  1. Um go skiing- I mean it’s a world class mountain with terrain of all types. Groomers, bumps, steep chutes, cliffs, trees, terrain parks for young and old, and one little bowl…Did I mention Birds Of Prey? Yea thats the location of the World Cup Ski Races that usually takes place every November. Check it out it’s pretty darn steep and when they set up the coarse they literally take fire hoses out and spray water on the coarse to create a nice layer of ice. It’s wicked fast.
  2. Eat- Something for everyone here, if you want some local eats head on down valley to the Gas House for the best fried chicken west of the Mississippi, or to a local brewery, or Mexican hole in the wall with amazing tacos. If your feeling a little fancy there are dozens of fine dining options in Beaver Creek Village and even some on the mountain that you can ride a horse drawn sleigh too….
  3. Relax- Plenty of spas abound where you can get a steam, soak, or rub. Maybe you just want to chill listen to some live music an watch the skiers and snowboarders come down the mountain. Well there are more than a few places to sit by the fire and do just that. Make sure you get your fresh cookie a 3 pm daily handed out by the men and women in the white jacket and chef’s hat’s…you can’t miss it. Continue reading “The Coolest Things To Do At The Beav”