Summer Time And the Living is Easy.

Ok so some of you may be sad about the ski and snowboard season being over but as the saying goes you move here for the skiing and you end up staying because of the summers. Well if you work in the service industry like many locals do summertime and the mud season previous to summer officially starting is awesome.

First with the Mud Season-

You ‘ve worked and skied your but off for months straight and now it mud season. What the heck are you going to do? Uh how about go on a nice long vacation somewhere exotic like Bali or South East Asia? Maybe South America to chase more skiing if you just couldn’t get enough. The options are plentiful when you have at least a month to kill before the summer tourists start rolling through. Hopefully you saved some money from all those double shifts and drinking only PBR’s. If you didn’t save much money Europe is definitely out, but your money goes a long way in SEA, Mexico, or some countries in Central and South America. Costa Rica is a favorite among surfers. You really have to go some where…. any where…. just to get out of the small town mountain feel and gain some worldly perspective outside of the narrow focus of a ski town.

Summertime finally-

Well summertime is usually pretty late to arrive in most ski towns..usually in late June. When it does arrive and the days are longer and temperatures higher is just about when Beaver Creek and the Vail Valley turn into paradise with everything and anything you could think of to do. Here is a list of things that come to mind.


-Mounting Biking





-Farmer Markets



-Summer sports leagues like volleyball, tennis, softball, soccer, etc.


-Village festivals of all sorts

And much more.

True is the summers are in fact the best time to be in a ski town!



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