Getting the Most from Beaver Creek This Summer

Every summer, Beaver Creek is a beehive of activities with all sorts of events including hiking, horse riding, ice skating, and biking. With mountainous areas ranging from open intermediate trials to gentle manicured slopes and steep bumps, Beaver Creek has the best landscape to accommodate all your summer fun activities. If you are a fan of off-mountain activities, there are restaurants, spas, and shops as well as an outdoor ice rink to top it all. If you are moving to Beaver Creek this summer, these are some of the activities you and your family must look forward to. Oh I almost forgot to give a shout out to the moving company we used over memorial weekend, many thanks to


Hiking in Beaver Creek Mountains is one of the activities that engage all your senses from mind, body, to the palate. There are group and private hikes all designed to enable you see and experience the grandeur of the mountains and their surroundings. Your staff-guided outdoor journey through fields of wildflowers and around the pristine Beaver Lake will enable you encounter different species of flora and fauna. You can also opt for the full mountains adventures where upon reaching your destination you will be rewarded with sunset wine pairings or gourmet lunches at some of the most iconic dining locations.

Hiking is normally designed to cater for all ability levels including kids and adults. If you are a heartier hiker, the guides will take you through longer and more technical trails to satisfy your quest for adventure.


Beaver Creek has lots of biking trails some of which require basic bike handling skills while others require advanced skills. The trails are categorized as green, blue, and black. The green trails are normally for beginner bikers and cut through open and forested areas with smaller embedded and loose rocks as well as tree roots.

The blue biking trails that go through tight quarters and over large rocks and roots are reserved for bikers who have relatively good skills. For advanced bikers, the black trails are specifically designed for them. These trails lead through large rock gardens and steep ascents with large roots. Because of the engaging nature of extreme downhill mountain biking, Beaver Creek doesn’t offer this type of biking, but instead offers cross-country riding.


If you are a fan of golf then Beaver Creek is the place to be. It has three championship golf courses; the Red Sky Ranch & Golf Club featuring the Tom Fazio Golf Course and the Greg Norman Golf Course located about 7 miles towards the west side of Beaver Creek and the Beaver Creek Golf Club located right at the heart of Beaver Creek. There are Stay & Play packages that you can take advantage of to have special access to the golf courses even if you are not a homeowner or member. As a family, you can play golf together because children aged 7 to 18 years can play for free when accompanied by a paying adult.

Wine Excursions

Beaver Creek gives you the opportunity to discover and enjoy a one of a kind mountain excursion that comes with all the adventure, wine, and cheese. Relishing the breathtaking mountain views with a professional hiking guide is one of the most satisfying experiences ever. The excursions normally end among the wildflower-laden and tranquil meadows overlooking some of Beaver Creek most glorious mountains from which the wine is served. The wine excursions are so rewarding that you so often forget the pains of climbing the mountains.

Horse Riding

The experience of Beaver Creek’s beautiful trails while on top of its graceful horses is a summer vacation adventure in itself. Beaver Creek stables have some of the best horseback riding stables that give you exhilarating outdoor fun and adrenaline rush. You can choose the duration of your rides depending on your preferences. The sunset ride to Beano’s Cabin located on Beaver Creek Mountain is arguably the most luxurious and picturesque horseback riding experience in the Rocky Mountains. You can also arrange for lessons to grow you into a much more skillful rider.

On top of the above, you can also go for ice skating at the Beaver Creek Village. This is an activity that gives endless fun for the entire family.

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