Flying Fishing in Fall at the Beaver Creek, Colorado

The headwaters at Beaver Creek start at the top of Pikes Peak. Thereafter, the creek cuts its way down into the Arkansas River and finally into the Brush Hollow Reservoir into which most of the water is pumped. The Beaver Creek State Wildlife area is a rugged canyon through which most of the streams travel. The lower canyon is carefully carved through red rock and the only access is by wading the stream. If you love hiking or fishing in private, this area is perfect because there are very few people if any.

Important Beaver Creek Information

Knowing some of the key facts about Beaver Creek can help you enjoy your fly fishing experience which after all may be one of the reasons you are here.


Although the roads leading to the trail head are a bit dirt and rugged, you do not need a four wheel drive. You just need to be prepared for a bit of hiking and wading of the stream. If you want to do fly fishing, it is best if you can be a bit patient until after the diversion dam. The trails are well maintained but in some places hiking can be a challenge so it is important you watch your step.


Since the area is at a lower elevation, 52.5 miles from Colorado Springs, it can form an exceptional spot for your maiden spring outing because it tends to be warmer compared to the other areas. For fly fishing, the best seasons are summer and fall.

Fish Species and Fly Patterns

The common fish species that you can get in Beaver Creek are brook trout, brown trout, and rainbow trout. There are various fly patterns you can do here including Yellow Humpies, Hopper patterns, Beadhead droppers, Amy’s Ant, and Elk Hair Caddis. The fishing regulations applicable are the standard Colorado rules.

The reason why you need to wait until after the diversion dam if you want to do fishing is because the stream offers some middle and open areas as well as tighter forested sections and deeper pools in the canyon.

Must-Try Fly Fishing Activities

There are three main fly fishing activities that you cannot let off the hook once you are in Beaver Creek this fall. The good thing with these activities is that they have you in mind because irrespective of your fly fishing experience, you will easily fit in.

Walk and Wade

This is for both experienced and novice anglers. Through guided walk and wade fishing trips, you are taken to the best fishing spots in the Vail Valley. You are then given the opportunity to choose the appropriate flies and then coached on your fly fishing technique so that you can catch a trout.

Fly Fishing Float Trips

These fly fishing trips take you to sub alpine water stretches full of trout. The guides will coach you on how to read the water so as to improve your fly fishing technique.

The last activity is the overnight float where you get to see stretches of the scenic Colorado normally accessible only by boat. Through this trip, you will experience Colorado’s high country style. The end of it is a fly fishing exercise punctuated by reeling in beautiful trouts.

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