Top Colorado Rivers For Rafting

River Rafting Colorado


Ok brah there dozens of rivers to raft in Colorado but here is a list of top rivers to ride.

  1. Roaring Fork- It runs through the beautiful Aspen Valley and ranges between class II-IV rapids. The river is gorgeous because it’s lined with big boulders, cottonwoods, pines and aspen trees. The rocking time only lasts about four weeks so make sure you time it right when spring runoff is kicking.
  2. The Dolores- An off the beaten path tributary to the Colorado River located in the San Juan mountain range with class I-IV rapids. This river is special because of really short season, petroglyphs, slick rock and numerous canyon hikes throughout.
  3. The Colorado- The name says it all, this is an iconic river with class II-IV rapids. The upper is a nice float with amazing views of eagles and wildlife. The lower has more exciting rapids particularly in Glenwood Canyon. There are also hot springs in some of the pocket water so keep an eye out for that! Continue reading “Top Colorado Rivers For Rafting”